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Marbella Spain is a popular beach resort of the Costa del Sol, and worldwide acknowledged as the much loved tourist destination for super rich and famous. The tourists in Marbella Spain flock in this elegant town from UK, Germany, France and rich Arabs. Marbella is a prosperous city in Andalusia along the Mediterranean coastline, located in the region of Malaga beneath La Concha. The warm climate and superb qualities of golf courses around Marbella attracts golfers from all over the world.


The Romans were the first settlers in Marbella Spain giving the town's name Marbella. Initially Marbella was a trading village, but over the years the town rapidly developed into one of the world's most popular holiday resort. Marbella offers many tourist sites including the prehistoric remains from both Paleolithic and Neolithic period. Other places of interest in Marbella are the Incarnation church - the front wall of which is ornamented with gorgeous red entrance in the Baroque style, the Orange Square - the central plaza of Marbella having some important buildings like the Town Hall, a sun dial and the Santiago's Chapel. The Bazan Hospital converted into Contemporary Spanish Engraving Museum treasures the artistic creation by Picasso, Miro, Dali and Tapies. The Bonsai Museum in Marbella has Europe's finest collections of miniature trees.

Marbella attracts the visitors for its beautiful beaches, exciting parks and superb gardens along with historical artistic view of the place. Many events and festivals are held in Marbella Spain including the San Bernabe Fair celebrating the Commemoration of the Christian Conquest. Bullfights and other kinds of entertainments are also offered in this fair. Marbella also offers many activities like practice diving, trekking, off road route, riding horses and other aquatic sports like surf, ski and sails. Finest restaurants and bars are present throughout the town serving international cuisine and typical local delicacies.